STN Derived Subbasin Inforamtion
Basin Name Basin Name from Simulated Topological Networks. (STN-30p). The major basins in STN-30p were named using topographic maps. Unidentified basins in STN-30p are named as GHAASBasin#### where #### is the unique integer identifier of the basin.
Next Downstream Station Hyperlink to the next downstream station. The coregistration of the gauging data set to a Simulated Topological Network (STN-30p) allows the determination of the gauging station topology (i.e. the next downstream station for each gauging station).
Distance to Next Downstream Station Distance to next downstream station is calculated along the coregistered Simulated Topological Networks (STN-30p). This distance is typically shorter than the real distance since the 30-minute routing only approximates real river courses and can not take into account the sinuosity.
Upstream Station(s) The station network topology (represented as the next station defined for each station) allows the identification of the upstream stations (i.e. the list of those gauging stations from which the current stations is the next downstream stations). The list of upstream stations and the single downstream station provided as hyperlinks allow traveling up and down, station by station, along STN-30p network.
Length of Upstream Mainstem Length [km] of the mainstem river course upstream. The mainstem in the Simulated Topological Network (STN-30p) is defined as the course following the maximum catchment area.
Distance to Basin Outlet Distance [km] to the basin mouth along the Simulated Topological Network (STN-30p).
STN Catchment Area Estimated catchment area [km2] according the Simulated Topological Network (STN-30p). The STN-30p derived catchment area is typically fairly close to the reported catchment area as given in the GRDC data archive, but sometimes they are quite different. This difference is often due to the reported area being a reflection of the contributing (actively flowing) portion of the river basin, while STN-30p includes the potential area (considering the topography).
STN Interstation Area STN Interstation area [km2] is the catchment area between the next upstream station and the current station considering the catchment area estimates according to the Simulated Topological Networks.
STN Station Runoff Long-term mean runoff [mm/yr] within the total STN-30p estimated catchment area (i.e. the long-term mean discharge at the gauging station divided by the total STN-30p estimated catchment area).
STN Interstation Runoff Long-term mean interstation runoff [mm/yr] within the STN-30p defined interstation area (i.e. the interstation discharge at the gauging station divided by the STN-30p estimated interstation area).